Gallbladder Removal = More Frequent Seizures?

Our teenage son began having seizures just over two years ago.  Once he was put on meds we had success with Depakote and he was seizure free for approximately 16 months.  This past March he had his gallbladder and appendix removed.  About 2 week following he had a breakthrough seizure.  He has had a total of 5 tonic colonic seizures since his surgery.  The doc keeps upping the meds.  We've asked his neuro if and how these could be related.  On of his other doctors suggested that the gallbladder remove could be effecting how long the meds stay in his system.  Recent labs show therapeutic levels of Depakote although after his seizure in August he took his meds an hour later then the labs take another 2 hours later showed low level of Depakote in his system.


Thoughts? Comments? Advice?


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Re: Gallbladder Removal = More Frequent Seizures?

His surgery might be the cause. Any stress (physical and/or emotional) is a seizure trigger. After my seizures, my Dilantin level is always low. I asked my epileptologist (neurologist who specializes in epilepsy) if seizures cause the body to use more than usual. I think he said that they don't know. (Your message makes me think that they do.)

Re: Gallbladder Removal = More Frequent Seizures?

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I never had more szs after having mhy gall bladder out.


just felet a shole lpt better and was not puking all thei time.


I live in HI so I had mine down at Straub Hospital in Honolulu where I live.  took about 30 minutes to do and I was done.  No repercussions



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Yah the gullbladder and apendix have nothing to do with brain waves so it couldn't have anything to do with them being gone, but it definitly could have something to do with the mental and physical stress of the operation or maybe if he is/was taking pain medication after the operation it could make the depakote less effective or overstimulate his brain.


PS: when increasing depakote dose I suggest getting monthly blood tests for blood cell count and valporate levels in the blood because I was overdosed on Depakote and let me tell you it was one of the worst 2 months of my life. Just be weary if he tells you about any increases in side effects.

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When I went to the hospital to enquire about a minor outpatient procedure for my son, they gave me this list of possible surgery side effects, one of them was seizures, so I guess it is a known risk of surgery. . I opted out of the procedure.

Re: Gallbladder Removal = More Frequent Seizures?

Here are some articles that may be helpful, it turns out that yes, general anesthesia does affect the brain in ways that may affect some people

Some articles I read sway that certain anesthesia may aggravate seizures, some are better. There is a syndrome called pocd, or post operative cognitive disfuntion, that suggest that general anesthesia affects the brain of the vulnerable, elderly, children etc. and it is temporary.

Hope e dry thing is better!