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Effects of Keppra on sleep and appetite?

I was wondering how other people are dealing with Keppra. I've been on Keppra for about three weeks, 500 mg twice a day. I have complex partial epilepsy that was just diagnosed.

I've completely lost my appetite. When I do eat, I eat about 1/3 of the amount of food I used to. I try to drink plenty of water each day, but I eat about one meal a day most of the time, and never more than two. I've lost about 10 pounds so far. I couldn't find any reference online to this being a side effect but I can't see where else this is coming from. I don't even crave chocolate..!

During the first week, I felt like I was sleeping better, but then the dose was doubled and now I just can't fall asleep at night. I just lay there in bed for hours and hours. I would guess that, on average, it now takes me three hours to fall asleep once I tuck in, and sometimes as many as five. It doesn't matter how tired I feel, and I'm not consuming any caffeine. I've noticed that Keppra is listed as a "new" drug without known sleep side effects. Has anyone else had trouble falling asleep with Keppra?



the first weeks i took Keppra (500mg x 2/day) i didn't care if i ate anything or not & lost weight too. not quite 10 lbs tho -appetite's improved after 2 months!

re: sleep - i don't sleep as well as i normally do.. falling asleep is no prob, it's waking too easily & not being able to get back to sleep. 2-3 weeks into my Keppra switch, i had a SP that my epi attributes to sleep deprivation. he offered a sleep aid, which i tried once - didn't like the 'hangover' feeling the next day. so now, if i don't get good rest, i try to nap/read/drowse later in the day. HUGE priority for me to sleep well. we could increase the dose again, but i prefer taking as little as possible to minimize side effects. i haven't had another sx (not even a hint) since focusing more on sleeping.

beginning dose was too high for me - i felt wayyy too stimulated & nervous (manic) when i began. dr reduced my dose to 250mg x2/day and things began stabilizing. i now think i can actually say i like Keppra; still tentative, but MUCH better.


I am under Keppra for 1 year and 500mg twice a day.. recently at night I can't fall asleep even I am extremely tired... and will get up earlier and can't get back to sleep...

ive been on it for 7 days and i just want to get off of it.
today was the first day where i actually ate food.
it wasn't much but its more than what i was eating in the past few days.
it hasn't made me tired but its just made me want to do nothing and just sit on the couch.
i really want to not take it. its awful.
we've been trying to lower my doseage, because its symptoms are worse that whatever they perscribed it for ( which they havn't fully explained to me yet) sigh - doctors.

My husband is on keppra 1500mg/bd.
He has lost his apetite but regarding the sleep he has no problem.
He is also taking tegretol retard 600mg am + 800mg pm (he was on 600mg pm before, only few days ago increased to 800mg)

Smile :)

I have noticed since being placed on Keppra (Friday June 1) that my appetite has decreased dramatically! I was actually back in the ER this past Monday because I was dehydrated. I guess since I am not as hungry, I am not drinking as much either. I am trying to do better with that. It seems like I am ok eating something small in the morning and then I really don't WANT anything but will make myself eat something small around 2 and then don't really care to eat at night. If I do, ok if not thats ok too! As far as sleep, it takes me FOREVER to get to sleep and I now wake up several times throughout the night. It is really difficult to get a good night's sleep. My Dr. assures me that once the medication is in my system well, these side effects will go away. I hope so!! I am currently taking 500 mg 2 times a day.

At its peak, I was on Keppra, 1000 mg, twice a day. When I hit that dose, I started to have real problems getting to sleep. Then I would get up about an hour earlier usual and just lie there. The sleep problem was mixed with other bad side effects and finally a seizure, so I insisted on dropping down to 500 mg. with the plan of going off it altogether. At 500 mg., the effects on sleep are not nearly as bad.

For me, all of a sudden I will realize that I am famished and have to eat immediately. My doctor warned me that some people experience an "increase in appetite" so I stocked up on raisins and fruit. I am sure that I would be shoving candy down my mouth if I had not done that.

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