Does Lamictal and Keppra cause you sun burn easily?

I layed out by the pool the other day for about three or four hours. When I got inside, I noticed that I was sun burned very bad. I had blisters that popped up because of the severity of the burn. Of course, I am VERY sore. Before I started Keppra and Lamictal, I did not burn very easily. I was just curious if anyone knows if Lamictal and Keppra are meds that can make you sensitive to sun light. I am always out in the sun, and I know that excessive sun light can cause cancers like melanoma, basal cell carcinoma, and squamous cell carcinoma. The oncologist in my office chewed me out because my burn looked so bad. Anyways, if anyone can help me, I will greatly appreciate it.  Thanks!


Re: Does Lamictal and Keppra cause you sun burn easily?

I was recently in Florida, at that time I was only on Keppra.  I too noticed that I burned more easily than I usually do.  I did go to the pharmacist in Florida and asked the same question whether or not Keppra is sun sensitive, she looked it up and told me no.  I am now on Lamictal also but unfortunately dont know the answer on that one.  If you happen to find out can you please post.  I'm a sun worshiper too!

Re: Does Lamictal and Keppra cause you sun burn easily?

I've been on Keppra since September and haven't noticed anything like that yet and I am in the sun a decent amount on my bike or wating for the city bus. Now that the sun is out in earnest, I'll keep close watch and report back in May.

That's certainly a side effect I hadn't considered. Thank you for making me aware of it with this post.


Re: Does Lamictal and Keppra cause you sun burn easily?

My son and three other kids went to a water park all day.  They used the same bottle of sun screen and applied it every 2-2.5 hours.  As a result, three of them didn’t get any sunburn at all.  Yet, my son received 2nd degree burns (water blisters that then popped and peeled).  The only different factor is that my son is on Keppra XR.  I checked with our pharmacist and he said sun sensitivity was not listed as a side effect, yet gave me a phone number of the drug company to call.  They too said they do not have this listed, but that does not necessarily mean my son’s burns weren’t caused from this.  They just have not received enough reports in order to list it as a side effect.  If you would like to report any drug effects from Keppra that are not listed, their phone number is 1-866-822-0068.