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Hi everyone, my name is Kris and im 23 years old. I haven’t posted here for a couple years now, since I was first diagnosed with E. When I first got sick, I had 7 Grand Mal seizures all up, all in the space of about 3 months. After hoping it wasn’t Epilepsy for that small amount of time I finally accepted it and was put on Tegretol. I take a pill in the morning and one at night. I have not had a seizure for 2 years now. I still do all the same things as my friends. I drink with them, I smoke with them, I play soccer and exercise a lot. When I work I can go for a hole day (as dumb as it is) not eating. Ive also had a few all nighters with nio probs /  Would rather pick up a feed on the way home. And I manage to do all these things without any problems. When I was first diagnosed my Neuro put it down to the fact that I smoked some pot & drank alot with my friends. He did not care that only a couple years before all this happening I was beat up that badly I had to go to hospital, I was vomiting the day after due to having my head smashed in so badly. I also copped another beating (not as bad) a year or so before my seizures. It does bother me that my records will always now say due to drug abuse … when all I was trying to do was be honest & tell him I did as much partying as my friends did. I haven’t been back to see my Neuro for almost 2 years also , the medicine seems to be doing its job and I think he’s a bit of an asshole anyways .

 I would LOVE everyone’s opinions on my situation as I have a few questions to ask my fellow epileptics ;)     I am happy to except anything you guys say so here goes


Was he wrong to ignore my head trauma and putting it down to smoking Marijuana?

(I think it’s possible to get epilepsy a little later after head trauma?) I can accept it if the weed is to blame)


Should I look into cutting down my medicine?


Is it possible I was missed diagnosed? I’ve been reading around the forums & seizures can be caused by a few things including stress, I can be a very VERY angry young man & have had a bit off rough time since finishing high school 6 years ago


Can some one with Epilepsy do the things I do? I’ve had a fair few nights of drinking a lot & have been fine.


I don’t want to jinx myself here, Im trying to be honest &  I have lots of respect for what I have been diagnosed with. It’s something that is always on my mind, I don’t like it but it’s not the end of the world. I simply want other people’s opinions & there are no better people to give me these besides all of you. Thanks!


can i just add that some of the times i've smoked weed ( i dont always smoke ) since being diagnosed i do get twitches in my legs , eyes and hands . For eg. If i am watching a game of soccer and someone on the tv goes to kick the ball my leg may twitch ... it can be funny but also worrying . Nothing i talk to my family about but i am guessing its related . It only happens when i have had a smoke and not all the time .


Cheers !

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