what kind of seizure is this?

my son is 4 yrs old he's seizure has change he use to shake his whole body and then became limb and it would last 1 mn to 2mn  but now he will stare he will say something  like mommy i love you and then he'll become unresponsive of what im asking him. i would lay him on the carpet or bed and he'll be moving his hands together and move his mouth like smaking or moving the tongue like his mouth its dry but he will continue to stare after 2 to 3 mns he'll respond of what im asking him but just short answers he would feel really sleepy after that he would go to sleep for a while  and then wakes up like nothing happen.

then yesterday night  he was sleeping and he woke up he never does this he woke up  said something but i couldnt understand what he said he was staring at the ceiling fan and he was moving hes pupils up and down he did this 2 times while staring after that he went back to sleep.

so my question is what kind of seizures are this....he is takin medication for the seizures and they are gonna chance it to a different medication im jsut waiting for then to call me back...


Re: what kind of seizure is this?

Hey there, these sound like complex partial seizures or maybe absence seizures. Alot of the time with these types the symptoms are staring off, losing focus, inability to respond or talk and afterward like you said getting tired to the point where a nap is required. You can ask your doctor if that's what they are to confirm, but I myself have complex partial seizures and it sounds alot alike what I go through.

I hope this helps you, Zach.

Re: what kind of seizure is this?

Those sound exactly like complex partial seizures

Re: what kind of seizure is this?

I believe that is like some of mine. Complex partial. So you know where the seizure activity is located? With mine it was right temporal lobe. Call me sometime and I 'll explain better it you'd like my cell number(603)915-0587 my name is vickie roy