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vomiting=seizure? BRE


My 4 yr old was diagnosed w/ BRE in the spring.  She is on 200mg
Keppra 1x per day (bedtime) since July. She's been doing great, even had
a 48 hr eeg in November that came back normal.

Saturday night she woke up vomiting...happened about 2-3 more times
in the next 2 hrs and then she slept the night, woke up rested, fine,
normal. We thought ot was stomach bug or food poisoning.  Was perfectly
fine all day Sunday and then last night more vomiting at 1130pm and
5am.  No obvious seizure before the vomiting but some 'convulsing'
during vomiting.  Today she seems off, exhausted, words coming slow, leg
is 'sparkly' (her tingly numbness she gets usually at night w/ the BRE)


Is this another type of seizure?  Waiting for neuro office to open so I can speak to someone.




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