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From UK, Would welcome views from USA: Does anyone still drink alcohol whilst on meds ????

Hi My son is 17, has focal epilepsy. Siezures only in sleep. He has just started Lamactil. I apreciate most peoples view about alcohol, E, and medication are not a good mix, and fully understand why this view is taken. He was straight with the E nurse, and said he enjoys a few drinks with his mates about once a fortnight. I think a few to him is six or seven lagers. The nurse explained that Lamactil does not say you cannot drink alcohol, but did say everyone is different. Ideally it would be best not to drink at all. As he said "I am 17, why should i let this change my life" He is right when he says he has never had a siezure related to alcohol. All his seizures have been around times when i know for a fact he has not drank, as he has been with me the whole time. We have a very open and honest relationship. I am keen to here from people who do manage to have a few drinks or maybe more and how they manage with this, do they have any ill effects? I am open to others views too. Please feel free to comment.
Jo xxx

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