Things to do to highten chances of outgrowing epilepsy?

Hi guy's, this is my first post on the fourms and I'm just curious about outgrowing epilepsy and was wondering if you guys could give me some information about it.

First though here's a little background history on my epilepsy. Around 11 I was diagnosed with epilepsy after having my first seizure (which was tonic clonic generalized) at the hot springs due to overheating. After that instance I didn't have any seizures for about 1 to 2 years and had a few tonic clonic seizures when I was 13, one causing me to have a serious concussion due to impact with the ground. When I was at the age of 15 focal partial seizures started to occur about 4-5 times a month along with the uncommon time when it spread to full body compulsions and unconsciousness. I am now at the age of 16 and on a new medication stablelizing the frequency of my seizures  to 1 partial seizure every 2 months and on some very rare occasions it spreads to a tonic clonic generalized.

Now that you have some background here's my question. Are there certain things I can do to increase the chances of me "outgrowing"my epilepsy, or do I just cross my fingers and hope for the best?


Re: Things to do to highten chances of outgrowing epilepsy?

Hi Rainbow


I can talk you through some healthy food related options and products and chemicals (in household foods and products) which add additional stress on the body.


We have been practicing a heathier/more natural way of life for the past four years since my daughter was diagnosed with absence seizures, and she is now seizure free.


I know that this isnt always the answer but can reduce seizures, general health and perhaps lead to a seizure free future.

I am happy to talk through any of this with you - message me


Re: Things to do to highten chances of outgrowing epilepsy?


I am also looking for preventative measures, for my sons myoclonic seizures who is only 10months now and having seizures since he was 5 months. I would love to hear your suggestions as well Kate if you don't mind.

Thank you,