Strobe Lights

Hey my names richard im 17 and am fairly active and social, ill start by describing my diagnosed epilepsy and my siezures ive had 3 in my entire life, the first 2 being when i was younger being caused by lights i guess you could say my epilepsy isnt really major in my life except for when i go to parties. Ive gotten past the fact that i cant drive for a couple more months and also that i'll have to take medication for the rest of my life but what im really struggeling with is the impact it is having on myself at parties. my 3rd grand mal siezure was caused at a friends 17th party primarily by a pretty harsh strobe, i was then diagnosed with epilepsy and now take tegretol twice a day (a medication designed especially for photosensitive epilepsy). following my "episode i struggle to evan go to parties now in fear of having another siezure because every party and club i attend always has a strobe light. all in all i was seeking advice or answers if anyone knows whether ill be able to stand a strobe light on my meds.




Re: Strobe Lights

Hey, Richard.

I have the strobe light thing, too. There's a really weird thing about them, though -- a lot of people are only affected (effected?) at a certain frequency. Like, I remember one time when I was in the hospital for a 3-day EEG, they were doing all these tests and stuff to make me have a seizure. Well, one of them was the strobe test. I didn't actually seize until the light was at an EXTREMELY high frequency. 

I've actually never frequented clubs and such (I'm a serious introvert), so I wouldn't know what frequency their lights run at. I'm guessing it's pretty high, though, if it's made you seize before. But then, some people can seize at low-frequency lights, too. At least, that's what I've heard/read. It all depends on the person. 

I'm not a neuro or an epi or anything, so I can't give validated med advice, but I'm guessing you go to the clubs/parties at night? (I have friends and acquaintances who go, and night's when they would go out.) If you take your E meds at night, maybe take them before you go out? (Like about an hour or so, so they have time to get into your bloodstream.) And then, when you're at the party, don't drink. Or at least limit yourself to one or two drinks -- the more alcohol you drink, it lowers your seizure threshold (ie, the more likely it is for you to have a seizure). 

.... But you're 17, so you don't drink anyway, right? (just kidding.)

Anyway, I really hope that I helped in some degree. I'm glad that you're otherwise doing well with your E, though! I love hearing about people who are successful with E. It just goes to show that we're normal people, too. :)