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My daughter is 5 and 42" tall. Riley is developmentally delayed and has some autistic characteristics. She is outgrowing her crib and crib tent set up. I need another type of bed that will be safe and secure for her to sleep in. She's very hard to "contain" for lack of a better word. She get's out of everything. Any help or ideas would be very greatly appreciated!


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My neighors own a company called SleepSafe Beds. They make a bed similar to the one mentioned previously but they have various wood finishes and electric frames for adjusting the matress height, head & foot. Their design eliminates the risk of entrapment or injury that can occur in a hospital bed, so they're really great.

The company is great, too. I'm friends with several of the employees and they all seem to really love what they do. you can check out their site at http://www.sleepsafebed.com/Products/index.htm

 Also, they're holding a bed Give-Away. Worth a look.


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There is a lot of hype surrounding memory foam beds currently and the basis of the good things being said about these beds is not baseless they actually good. You should gather more information regarding memory foam beds and may be then you would know whether such beds would your daughter's needs.

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My wife and I designed an affordable bed tent called the Nickel. It's designed to keep special needs children, safe at night. For more information, please see our web site at www.myreadysetbloom.com.


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I too have a special needs child, and two years ago, I bought a bed that has been a life saver.  Check out http://specialtyfurnitureproducts.com .  I wouldn't trade this bed for anything.  It is very easy to use and my child loves it.

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Special beds (that look like cribs) can be obtained that has sides. They are used in neurological units for children and they must have some for home use. Have you looked at the resource catalog from Exceptional Parent? www.eparent.com