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Seizure detection wristband- We need your help!

Hi Everyone, Some colleagues and I at MIT and a small company are working to build a seizure detection wristband to help keep epilepsy patients safe. This wristband will send a text message to the caregiver or EMS if a seizure is detected. It would be SO helpful if we could get your input so we can design this device with you in mind. Here it is:



When people get the wrist band what else do they need.

I am questionsing because I have wanted to assist people. I have been in new medication studies. Does the person wearing the band have anything else done to them?

Does the person have to have a certain number of seizures? what type of seizures?

Most of mine are partial seizures or auras I consider others as clusters since they are simple seizures I have had and just after getting back to normal I have others. Generally the cluster has 3-5 and the time to focus is about 30 minutes.

As you're probably aware, there is already an implantable device available to detect a seizure; a Vagus Nerve Stimulator (VNS). As you're also aware, there is an implantable device that can report information regarding an abnormality of the heart; a Pacemaker. These sound like good devices to learn from.

If you're searching for information on how to design a device to place around the wrist that will send information to an EMS, I don't think you'll have the greatest success. Having a body increase movements or blood pressure or shaking due solely to having a seizue would be very difficult to differentiate from not having a seizure. Having someone agree to getting medical treatment after each and every seizure would be even more difficult. It is often not necessary and will definitely not be covered with Obama Care.

I would also suggest changing the name to your website. That url has "virus / malware" written all over it.


There already is a Smart Watch that does just that.

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