Pain relievers for children with Epilepsy

I was wondering what types of pain relievers you give your child for headaches, etc if they have epilepsy? Our pedatrician said to give my son tylenol but I just read that the Acetaminophen in tylenol can cause seizures or the lower the threshold. Is ibufrofin safe to give? Any and all suggestions would be appreciated. My son is 11 years old and has been seizure free for 1 year and 15 days and counting.

Thanks, Curt


Re: Pain relievers for children with Epilepsy

Hi my son is 6 and has had seizures since he was 22 months, yes ibuprophen is fine from what we have been told by our ped, the only meds we have been told to be careful with is benedrly or other antihistamines as they can lower the threshold for seizures to occur.

Re: Pain relievers for children with Epilepsy

FYI - I'm 35, I've been epileptic since I was 5.  Doctors always tell me the same thing.  Mainly be careful with any medications who have alcohol in them.

Other than that, ask a pharmacist about over the counter stuff.  Tylenol & Ibuprophen are safe.  Other ones, ask.



Re: Pain relievers for children with Epilepsy

Where did you find this info? We give my grandson tylenol when he's ill cause our gp told us to, we do tylenol then motrin then tylenol, etc etc until he's healthy. He seizes whenever he's ill, this is making sense to me if tylenol causes seizures