normal follow up EEG....diagnosed w/ BRE in spring

My four year old was diagnosed w/ BRE a few months ago.  First seizure 5/10/10, second seizure a month later.  She had an abnormal 30 min EEG, then admitted to hospital after second seizure for 24 hr EEG- which came back abnormal (80% of night was abnormal spiking).  Had an ambulatory 48 hr EEG a few weeks later (when we changed neuro's) which was also abnormal ('frequent' nighttime spikes).  Keppra 200 mg at night only- started in July 2010.

Just had follow up 48 hr ambulatory EEG and it came back TOTALLY normal.

I am so happy and SO SO SO surpirsed.  I never thought all of her spiking would disappear w/ the start of a med she only takes 1x per day.

So happy.  Just wanted to share some good news!

thanks for reading!


Re: normal follow up EEG....diagnosed w/ BRE in spring

Fingers crossed that the good news continues!!!  YAY!!!    Phylis Feiner Johnson