New sensations. Grand mal on it´s way?

Hey guys,

Lately, during seizures parts of my body have been going numb (my legs, my arms, my face) and my fingers sometimes curl up, which I found odd when it first happen because my hands don´t normally go numb. They just shake a lot. Also, three times now I´ve felt as if all the liquid in my body was rushing into my head and one of my eyelids have dropped so I couldn´t open it.  Before this I had an anxiety attack (they´re not usually followed by a seizure).

On top of this, (I´m actually not sure if this is even related) I keep waking up with blood in my nose. I´ve never had a nose bleed before.

I have TLE for almost 8 years and I´ve never had these sort of sensation during my seizures before. I´m yet to have a grand mal seizure, would it be odd for me to say it kind of feels like my brain is "working it´s way" towards one?

Any idea what might be going on?