New to epilepsy.


I am 20 years old and i have been living with epilepsy for about a year now. The country in which i live in is has a  pretty bad medical system, and there is only 2 EEG machines in the country. I had to go on a waiting list, and i am finally going to get my EEG done in August. I hate waiting this long to find out what is really wrong with me and what i am up against. I have had approximately 5 seziures, i only have them when i am asleep, so i really don't have a specific number. The only  evidence i have of me having a seziure, is waking up the next morning with my tongue bitten up, and dried spit on my face. And to top it all off i also got diagnosed with psoriasis this year. I am really trying hard to stay positive through the pounding headaches and sleepy days that my new medication has bought me, all while surviving my fist year of University. I wanted to know if anyone has any tips on surviving this, and how can i identify a seziure the morning after? 

Thank You :)