Is my drooling because of my BRE?

Hi :) last May at the age of 13 i had my first tonic-clonic seizure i went to Cook Children's Hospital and they preformed alot of testing a week later i was told i had Rolandic Epilepsy and that i will most likely grow out of it but that they would like to put me on medication, my doctor wrote me a prescription for Trileptal which i discontinued around June because of side effects ever since i have been off of my medicine i have felt great!! but the past month or so i started getting jerks in my legs and arms,little bit of facial twitching and i will randomly start to drool without realizing it till the drool is almost down my chin. my mom took me to my neurologist and he performed my second EEG it came back clear i looked online and it said that drooling is symptom of BRE.
so i am just wondering if you think the drooling is associated with my Epilepsy because it has never happened before and i am currently 14 so by now shouldn't the epilepsy be gone?


Re: Is my drooling because of my BRE?

I my self do not have BRE but my 11 year old daughter has since she was 8 and although I have never asked her doctor or really even thought to she does drool alot ever since her first big seizure. And you know what I meen by alot. It drives her nuts, and is alittle embarassed by it at sleep overs because it gets worse a night. As far as growing out of it, our doctor said by age 16. Hopefully it is sooner though, and it can be. So sorry you had to join the group of kids who are touched by this. just remeber to lean on your family and close friends who you trust and you can always find kids on here to talk to, it helps they understand and most have been dealing with the effects of Bre since they were little. Good luck.