i'm not sure how to deal with this anymore...

I have had epilepsy since i was 1 year old. not a natural cause. i'm 21 now, a jr in college, and for the past few months i have been having serious depression thoughts. i feel sad the majority of the time.

recently, ive been around a lot of people who have had babies and are getting married. and i was thinkin about if i wanted kids the pregnancy would be extremely complicated, especially since my seizures are not under control. they never have been. 


does anyone have anything they can offer to maybe help me? i'd appreciate it greatly. 




Re: i'm not sure how to deal with this anymore...

Sometimes talking to a friend on line, w/ this group is really helpful. 

Someone that is a friend that you can trust.  It could be a family. Someone that is a professional sometimes.

Sometimes I walk outside and rationalize.  I talk to someone at church.

My seizures are not totatally under control.  I have worked before I got married.  I had seizures, but realized I had the ability to do what I wanted to do.  I had limitations, but realized the people I worked w/ also had limitations to, they were not seizures but they had diabetes, trouble w/ sight,  family responsibilities, etc.  They worked around it and they did it.

 I was born w/ the abnormality but did not recognize it until I was 12.

Take care,


Re: i'm not sure how to deal with this anymore...

For me being depressed seems to be one of the only things I'm good at.The one thing that is most challenging is explaining to my family why I feel sad.My best way to explain this is when it is a sunny I feel my worst,but if it is raining.That is when I feel great.People feel the way I feel all the time, this seems to be the best way to put it.One of the best things that I can do is not let anything or anyone bring me to my worst levels.Getting on this site has help with some of these things.I think knowing I'am not the only one that feels these feelings makes me that much better.Jeffre...

Re: i'm not sure how to deal with this anymore...

i totally agree with you. knowing i'm not the only one dealing with this helps out. :)

 one of my friends told me "keep a smile in your pocket, you never know when your gonna need it." well my advice for you is keep a few extra smiles lol


luv, Aimee