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I had an abnormal EEG and was ordered an MRI , what does it mean?

Hi! I am 16 years old and was diagnosed a month ago with Juvenile Myoclonic epilepsy. I had been having the arm jerks for about 5 months before having my first Grand mal tonic clonic seizure. I went to the neurologist and he gave me keppra which kicked the seizures away thankfully . I had an eeg 2 weeks later and I knew they would probably come back not normal because I have epilepsy . Well the follow up was today and my doctor was looking through it and said "hmmm ... Well there was seizure activity after sleeping and hyperventilating , but there is an abnormal spot on your brain . I think we should do an MRI with contrast and without (the dye ). Can someone PLEASE tell me what this could mean. Maybe head injury problems , lesions , tumors? He never said anything about what it could be. They did not see anything in the CT scan when I had the grand mal. I'm kinda freaking out and I'm new to all of this. Thanks so much


MRI will help rule out any abnormal bleeding, lesion, or brain tumors. It good your doctor is having done now. I believe they get more but just not sure of all other thing, as I had second one done about three Weeks ago.Co, but don'tsee doctor until February.  So have while before  I find out rest. They did send letter to tell me no tumors or lesion. Please don't panic. If you need to just talk I am usually available, as I a disabled vet. Feel fee to text me ( Try to enjoy life. Hope this helped Judy


As for the EEG. Abnormal activity is seizure activity.

As for the MRI.  The MRI will show the doctore what is where the seizure activity. For you this test will be easy with no pain or problems. They will be able to view your brain and really look closely and find out what could have caused the abnormality.

When I was diagnosed they had no MRI because it wasn't even close. They did a procedure which was the only way to get views which I would not want people to have to go thru. Been there done that. In the procedure they found scared brain tissue caused by a blow to the brain. Hemmorage to the brain is what causes my epilepsy it is in more than 1 lobe. The original tests were done back in 1963. My current neurologist has also done the MRI which backs the original and thT was done in 2004.

Also with the information gained with the MRI and EEG they might be able to come up with procedures which will help get you seizure free

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