epilepsy effecting school either inclass or anything related 2 school?

hey there ive recently started going back 2 school an was wondering if epilepsy has effected anybody in school, besides seizures, wheather it be attention span, retaing info, memory or homework. i was diagnosed with epilepsy over a year ago, yet i remember having partial seizures since i can remember, i wasnt a great student, when i did actually attend school. but was lookin 4 someone elses perpective, wheather yor still in school or just remember if iepilepsy had an effect on your schooling

thanks for reading


it is hard

My epilepsy affects school very much I have complex partial TLE . It has taken me seven years to get past my second year to become a junior. After transferring I am now a freshmen again.it is difficult. I have to drop out a lot because I get behind. But we gotta keep trucking. It will be,ok

Haven't Lost Hope

The first time I went to college, I had to take a medical leave because the stress was too much (it was causing more seizures). I ended up going back 2 years later and had to quit again because between my medications and my seizures, I couldn't attend class quite a bit. It's taken me a few years, but I applied to transfer to school with an online program so I can finish my undergraduate degree. I don't care if I get pushed back from a senior to a sophomore. I'm going to finish!