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Epilepsy and the common cold

My 6 year old son has epilepsy and is on Keppra and Phenobarbitol.  He typically has 4 to 5 seizures daily that last anywhere from 1 or 2 seconds to 30 seconds.  We have come to call them a "startle" seizure.  The medications have kept him out of status for quite some time.  When he has a common cold, his seizures disappear.  Has anyone else had this experience with their children?  Does anyone know how or why this would happen?  Any input is greatly appreciated.  Thank you.


I've actually seen the opposite here.   When my daughter gets any sort of cold, allergies, sinus crud, her seizures get a lot worse.   I'm wondering if the sinus pressure in some way affects the pressure on a certain part of the brain?   And that would make a good or bad result, depending on where in the brain a person's seizures are triggered from?  I dunno, just speculatind here.

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Me too.  When I get sick in any way, shape or form, it's prime time for seizures.  I know I don't have kids but I wanted you to have info from another viewpoint.

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