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EEG, and after.

Okay, so today I got my EEG.  I had no seizures when they were making the flashing lights, and no seizures during the hyperventilation.  This is supposed to make people provoked to have a seizure, especially what I got diagnosed with in 7th grade... Absence Seizures.  I had a couple of seizures going home though.  It makes me start to think that this is Complex Partial Seizures, especially after my freind Bruce suggested it.  This makes no sense at ALL.  Haha.  I have an appointment in November on the 29th.  I guess we'll find out in a month.  Just thought I would share this.


I find EEGs frustrating. I've had 2 out-patient ones (the typical 45 min recording sessions like you had); both were normal and I had no seizures during either of them. One of my doctors put so much weight on the EEG's being normal that he diagnosed "prrobable pseudoseizures". My current doctor, who unlike the last one actually listened to my explanations of what happens during a seizure, strongly disagreed with a pseudo. diagnosis, and started me on lamictal. This is the 3rd medication I've tried - the first doctor tried me on 2 different ones (also supporting a pseudo diagnosis, in his opinion). The second one said those medications weren't appropriate for the seizure types I have anyway! I have about 75% control over the seizures with lamictal, and I'm not even quite on the full dose.

Wow.  I'm sorry about that!  Did the medication make it worse?  How severe are your seizures?

The initial med. was dilantin IV (I was admitted to hospital because of status E about 2 weeks after I had my first seizure 5 months ago) then oral, but due to severe side effects including drug toxicity (!) I had to stop. I was then on clonazepam, which did not help at all, then clobazam which helped a bit. The lamictal I'm on now has helped tremendously. While in the early stages of tapering onto lamictal, I continued to have seizures (primarily partials that can - and most often do at night or in my sleep - secondarily generalize), so i was thinking (sarcastically): 'great, another one that doesn't work'. Now that I am 3/4 of the way through tapering onto lamictal, I am finally seeing about 80% seizure control. The big test will be at "that" time of the month (in about 2 1/2 weeks), when my seizures typically get really bad.

Haha! Wow, status epilepticus is bad.  Were you put into Critical Care?  Well, I wish you the best of luck on this new Medication when that day comes, and evey day to follow.  Sorry, I can't say I relate to that, since I'm not a Girl.

LOL - I was trying to guess if you were a girl or guy. No, I wasn't in critical care because they had no beds . . . I was in a medical daycare area (where they admit people for the day who are having various medical procedures done. They just had no beds in the hospital available for about 8 of us who technically needed to be admitted, but couldn't get a bed. However, the nursing desk was in the the middle of the room and the 8 beds were in a circle around her. Almost as good as a CC unit, I would think.

Thanks for the good luck with the new med. I wish you all the best as well!

You assumed I was a girl! :o!  Haha.  Oh, well that sounds like good care.  Thanks, and you're welcome.

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