Ecstasy and Seizures

So about 5 months ago towards the end of May, I had a seizure at the end of my high school graduation. I do not have a history of seizures and this was my first one. Earlier that day I did not eat a lot or drink fluids and I was very stressed. At the end of the ceremony when everyone was congratualting one another, my vision became very weird, sort of like I was seeing things in a picture by picture movement, and then I blacked out. I used to blackout quite often when I was younger but it was due to anemia and I always 'snapped out of it' and came to right away. Anyways, when I blacked out I fell and hit the side of my head (near my temple) very hard. My father said that after fallling I sat up and acknowledged that I was alright (which I do not remember) and then I started to seize for about five seconds.

I did not wake up until I was given fluids in the ambulance, however everyone said that I was awake and talking to them which I do not remember. I believe I was dehydrated the whole time which is why I passed out. I did manage to bite my tongue very hard and my upper thighs were sore for five days after this. That night I had a CT scan done and everything was fine. A week later, I saw a neurologist and had an EEG done. Everything came out normal. Ive been fine ever since.

Now heres my question.. Im going out this weekend and I really want to take an ecstasy pill. I have not taken a pill in 8 months however I have done other things (such as marijuana, alcohol, 2cb and 2cp) since the incident and thankfully I have been fine. Now I know ecstasy is terrible for you and it lowers your threshold but really, what are the odds of me having a seizure or having one ever again in general? Id like to hear peoples opinions on this. I want to have fun but I also want to be safe and responsible... thanks!


Re: Ecstasy and Seizures

 "I want to have fun but I also want to be safe and responsible"

This statement does not go hand and hand with doing ANY type of drugs. I know you won't want to hear this, but why would you want to take this risk? Do you know how brokenhearted your parents would be if something happened to you because you chose to have fun this way? You can have TONS of fun without drugs or alcohol. You should love yourself and your body more than that because you are worth more than that.  If you had a seizure before, you could definitely have one again and not be so lucky this time.  Please, please, please, don't do it.

Re: Ecstasy and Seizures

Without knowing for sure what caused the seizure or if you have an underlying seizure disorder, I would be extremely cautious. I'm not going to go the route of the other commenter and tell you that doing drugs is inherently irresponsible or that you shouldn't drink or do drugs at all (I drink occasionally anyway, so it'd be hypocritical!). You've already stated that you do do these things; you're over 18 (I suspect, since you've graduated) and we're not here to lecture you. You're coming to us for advice and that's responsible; I suspect you're the type that does research on drugs before they take them and that's good too.

HOWEVER, unlike most of the other things you've done, E is extremely tough on the body. It's going to dehydrate you basically just by you taking it, and while drugs and alcohol themselves will always lower your threshold, being dehydrated will be even worse. Even if you don't have epilepsy, the best bet I would have is that you were extremely dehydrated (and/or have some blood sugar issues compounding with that to make the dehydration and lack of eating even worse for you). So my advice would be, go out, have a good time, but don't take E.

Yes, the other commenter is right that you can have fun without drugs and drinking. I would go so far as to say that you probably should try to if you have seizures. But if you are going to make the decision to take drugs, at very least, I would stay away from ones that are going to overheat your brain and are ultimately going to make you feel awful the next morning anyway.

If on the off chance you DO take E, I would fill a huge bottle with water and keep it with you and under no circumstances mix ecstacy with alcohol.

Re: Ecstasy and Seizures

Thanks for your reply. I appreciate the fact that you are not telling me how bad drugs are as I already am aware of that. And yes, I do look up drugs before I try them. :P I am pretty cautious. I have rolled about 20 times in the past so I know that I need to drink water, stay cool, etc. in order to stay safe. And personally, I believe that 2cp and 2cb are worse for you than ecstasy but I think that that is just due to my personal experiences with them (I have felt a lot worse after 2cp than ecstasy).

Honestly, I don't think I have a seizure problem just because I think that the reason for having a seizure was because I hit my head so hard. I've never had a history of them. However, I know that once you have one, your chances of getting another one increase. As of right now, I'm thinking of maybe taking half a pill and then seeing how I feel after that. But I will probably chicken out and not take anything.. This is what makes me mad. I don't want to live my life in fear now and stop doing things that I enjoy. I think that that is the worst part of all of this..

Well anyways, thanks for your reply~