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Drivers licence while being "cured"

My sons neuro said that people that are "cured" from epilepsy, whether from surgery or spontaneous, cannot drive because they are "off meds". Is this true? Soo I guess the "epilepsy" tag in the DL can't ever be removed? WTH?


I am guessing it's just a safety precaution. You never know... a seizure might happen while he is off his medication. Just stick in there and don't give up hope. I wish you and your son the best of luck. :)


I understand where yu ar comming from. As for a drivers license thats debatable. Most of the neurologist I have been to know epilepsy and they sepcialize in epilepsy. People in the drivers licesne bureau know drivers licensese.

I do know most states  require a person to go a certain length of time before that can get a licesne. So check with the DMV and find out the time required without a seizure. There are many people who have epilepsy that are driving.

Check with your state DMV and if needed take the informatin down to the neuro

Hope this helps


I don't believe this is accurate but as the previous post suggested, check with your DMV.  I know that in some states, even for those that have had control with meds, they may drive as long as they have been seizure free for a certain length of time. 

Good Luck!


I agree that you should speak directly with your state DMV. Some states require that your neurologist confirm in writing that you have been seizure free and are safe to drive. If your neurologist believes that, s/he may not give written approval which may hinder your son from receiving his driver's license. I would say, get to the bottom of it. What does your state require? Is the neurologist saying that out of his/her own philosophy or is there legal/medical support for his statement that those who are off meds cannot drive. Good luck!

Living in Britain at the time of my surgery, 22 years ago, I was advised by the local licensing office that I had to come off my meds first before I could apply for a drivers license.
It took a few years before I was permitted to drive, with a letter from my neurologist stating the surgery I had undergone. My initial license was only for 3 years {standard licenses in the U.K. are 10 years). After a second 3 year license I was granted a 10 year one.
The HARDEST part for me was getting insurance coverage. I had to read the small print carefully. If they asked "Do you have any of the following conditions" then stated a list which included epilepsy, I could honestly reply 'NO'. However, if the wording was "Have you ever suffered from any of the following" with the same list, I would have had to answer 'YES'
When I moved West, and applied for a license, because I had been driving in Britain for 8 years, I had no problem getting my license.

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