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Does Epilepsy have an affect on a childs behavior or personality??

My three year old daughter was recently diagnosed with Epilepsy and started on Levetiracetam, and I am wondering if anyone else has a child on this med. that has noticed any changes or increase in the behavior or personality of their child?... It seems to me that she has been uncontrolable since her seizures started, but markedly more so since starting this med.


My son is two and we can't even get a diagnosis on what's going on with our son.  He has been through an MRI and two EEG's.  Being that he could be in the "terrible twos" it is really hard to say why the change in his behavior is occurring, but I told my doc the same.  I feel like since the seizures started he has been a totally different kid in a behavioral way.  He used to be such a good listener and easily disciplined.  He has started hitting us and throwing fits like you wouldn't believe.  It's like someone flipped a switch.  I feel like it's his seizures and now he just started Keppra and it is getting worse!  I wish I had advice for you, but at least you know someone else has noticed the same thing!

My now 4 yr old has BRE and started the same med's as yours when she was three.  She only showed behavior issues when we increased her dosage (during the weaning her on phase).  We had 1-2 days of major screaming tantrums and lots of emotional crying outbursts...way bigger than she had ever had and definitely realted to the med change.  After a couple days she adjusted and we never saw anything like those behaviors again.  We also started her on a B complex supp and B6 supp at that time as well.  My daughter has BRE (was diagnosed in June 2010, started meds in July 2010).


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One of Keppra/Levetiracetam's side effects is anger/rage. Behavioural issues is seen in children on the drug. See doctor immediately.

I went on a 'rampage' when I was on the drug including mouthing off, severe anger that did not go away with sleep and that lasted weeks, wanting to physically hurt people and thinking about overdosing on drugs so everyone would go away.

The minute they took it away my mum said I almost became childlike again, just smiling and happy, and I was in my midtwenties.

My child also became angry & aggressive after starting Levetiracetam/ generic Keppra. Our doctor recommended 50 mg of Vitamin B-6 to help with the moodiness. The anger/aggressiveness continued, but the seizures were controlled.

The doctor is now weaning him off of Keppra & onto Zonisamide/generic Zonegran. He is almost back to his normal self!:) But with Zonegran, we must keep him hydrated & watch for rash. Waiting to see if it controls the seizures as well as Keppra...

Wishing you the best of luck!

depends on the mood involved keppra can cause depression badly. I'm tired a lot and get frustrated very easy an get angry easy . But on high doses of keppra I would rage out throwing tantrums like a child and not remember parts of the day . I was confused an tired on high doses though but once it was lowered I felt better . It maybe hard for a child to cope with the side effects of the meds I can seem to control my self better now but a child wont have self control .

Behavior change is usual to this condition but what behaviors, it matters with the type of seizures your child has. Milder forms of epilepsy, such as absence seizures is which children zone out for a short period of time, can experience problems with attention or processing information. For instance, if a child has ongoing staring spells that occur throughout the day, it can impact her ability to learn. For children who have serious forms of epilepsy such as infantile spasms, which are associated with very abnormal EEG (electroencephalogram) patterns, there can be a profound effect on development even leading to a happy child no longer smiling. So, to be safe make sure to consult the expert neurologists in your area. Instant Tax Solutions

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