complex partial seizures

my son has complex partial seizures but I believe he had a tonic clonic while sleeping last night.. He was having a very off day yesterday.. He explained it like he felt very dulled.. He had trouble remembering the days events also.. when he woke up this morning his muscles were so sore he had trouble getting up there was also blood on his pillow.. Thinking he might have bit his tongue.I'm not sure if it was a tonic clonic or not but its the only thing i can think of to explain it.. I'm not sure what to think..


Re: complex partial seizures

Oh wow. I had a almost identical episode like a month ago. The only difference was I didn't bite myself.

I woke up one morning in so much pain I could not stand for the first few minutes. I could barely walk for two days after. My muscles were so sore you could barely touch them. I had trouble to just put my pants on because it required me to bend my legs to get the pants on. I felt like I had run a marathon of 20 miles without preparing.

I happened to have a physiotherapy appointment for something else but what ended up happening is my therapist gave me a massage, gave me hot and cold therapy (in a hot and cold bath--4 rounds of each as a set), and used hot packs on my muscles. I went home and continued massagng throughout the night. I even had such a sore back and neck, I ciould barely turn!

And the next day, I still could barely walk so I booked an emergency appointment with my family doctor.

My doctor said it did look like a seizure (I have never had a waking moment tonic-clonic seizure, thank God), and she made me drink lots of water to help wash out whatever extra protein that I might suddenly have in my body that might have been a 'side effect' of the seizure (i.e., muscle injury leads to protein being released by muscles). Luckily I have good kidneys!

Talk to your doctor!