Changes with age - worsening it seems - Seemed like Seizure yesterday still asleep after 12 hours -

My son has a seizure disorder - no one is calling it Epilepsy - though I guess it is.


He is 14 autistic. He has never experiences convulsions. but has staring episodes and changes ingait and other behaviors related towhat they say are "frequesnt and significan partial seizures

24 video EEG indicated this in Dec. Then they did one at home for 72 ( I know he messed with wires but showed nothing. Came off Depakote and put him on Triliptal. He also take Concerta and Tenex.  

In May they calle dme to the school because his one eye was fluttering and his gait was way off. By the time I got there (like less than 10 minuteS) he seemed out of it. We tried at first to take him to the car but that wasn't working he could barely stand so  - ambulence to ER.  They did nothing, they started an IV took NOT ONE TEST. Said he had a facial tremor. After theree months post filing complaint the doctor admits they should have at least called neuro or done EEG.  Calle dneuro myself and she said it sounds like he had a seizure


STarted high scholol which eh says he likes, yesterday I get a call I go up. Nurse said he was talking. Teacher found him in the hall walking funny - called nurse and Dean. he said he thinks his backpack was too heavy but they took him to the nurse. The back pack was the same as always. Now he has been asleep for over 12 hour. We had company he seemed a little out of still but was asleep before they left around 7.  Doctor still hasn't called not sure if I should let him sleep or what?