Cannot do anything I love to do

I am 17 and i live in California. I love to snowboard, ride dirt bikes, and hunt. When i was 14 my doctor told me i need to stay away from those activities because they could be dangerous if i had a seizure while doing them. After having a seizure while hunting and snowboarding i finally realized i need to listen to my doctor. I have not snowboarded, rode my dirt bike or hunted for over 2 years now and i also found out 1 year ago that i cannot drive until i go 6 months seizure free. It doesnt look like im going to be driving soon since im having anywhere from 3-5 complex partial seizures a day. I feel like im not a normal teenager and that everything i love to do has just been takin away from me for no reason. Does anyone have any advice or can anyone relate to what is happening to me?


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Yes, I can relate.  When I was a teenager, I couldn't do any athletic stuff -- I even drove my bike into a tree!  And dating was a disaster.  (It was the ancient days of the disco era.)

But there's a cool helmet you might want to look into.  It's called a "Humpty Hat" (an unfortunate name).  It's got  XLPE 1900 foam poly shields which protect:

Occipital area (back of head)
Parietal area (top of the head)
Frontal area (forehead)

I don't know if it's for you, but you can take a look at

GOOD LUCK!!!     Phylis Feiner Johnson


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And this proves the point I have been trying to make!

 Why didn't the doctor tell him about the helmet, rather than just giving him a list of can'ts? I think it is unfortunate to take away the activities a person loves and not put anything in their place.

Maybe he can talk to his doctor and find out if there is a way he can do these activities safely.  But of course, we all have to make changes because of health conditions

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Hi there, I do not have Complex Partial Seizures, but I do have Absence Seizures.  I am only 14, and going to be 15 in Janurary so I know what you're going through.  When my parents talk about giving a car to my brother and I, their car, they always say my brother's name, or have recently said that.  I do not feel like a normal teenager either, because my life is made complicated by this thing we call Epilepsy.  So many people are out there who have them, so don't feel alone.  We're all in this together.  I have to say though, how many Complex Partial Seizures you have is not too normal.  Usually you only have about one or possibly two.  But 3-5?  I'm sorry you feel this way, and I guess I should feel sorry for myself too, since I feel the same way.  Don't worry.

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Hey, I know exactly how you feel. My doctor said I can't drink alcohol though I do anyway, BUT with a friend I know and trust who knows what to do if I have a seizre. If my friend is not with me, I won't drink. I live in Singapore, I moved back here a few years ago but before that I was living 5 years in california and 5 years in wisconsin. Was diagnosed with epilepsy when I was in Wisconsin around age 10 or 11, something around that age. Over here in Singapore, it is illegal for me or anyone who has had a seizure to drive or even try driving. Over here, once you have had a seizure at no matter what age or after an accident or something, it is illegal to drive a vehicle or anything that has an engine....not even bumper cars at carnivals. I love skiing and when I was in wisconsin, I went skiing and cross country skiing, BUT with a group of friends who could look out for me in case I have a seizure. So I always have a friend around in case I have a seizure and I don't get lost somewhere in the trees and snow or something. When I was in my teens (i'm 22 now, still young!), I felt like i wasn't a normal teen too. So i know how you feel. And don't be surprised that when you aren't a teen anymore, you'l start feeling like you aren't a normal person. I know because I'm going through it. Sometimes after a seizure or when I think of being epileptic or people are talking to me about it or if people around me are doing things I can't because I'm epileptic...... I really feel abnormal and the "odd one out". I know how you feel, don't think too much about it. Know there are others like you who will support you! God bless!



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I understand how you feel, it's hard to let go of things that you love to do, you have two choices in the matter

1- you can try your hobbies in a more moderate manner, that is, less time, however your having from 3-5 so it's better to try that when you are under more control

The best choice for you right now is to find other hobbies, I turned to find other things to entratain myself, I'm not supposed to: use the computer, watch TV, or play any video games, movies, especialy in 3D, can't drive, party, even though I'm not a party girl, but there are a lot of things, I still do some like the use of the computer but in a very limited ammount, only for assigments in college, however I found other things to do that resulted great and even relaxing which can help you a lot since sometimes even moods or strong emotions can trigger seizures.

I really hope you can search for alternatives that can benefit you ^_^