Can you pull yourself out of an aura when you feel it coming?

Hi everyone. I've been asking a few questions since I'm new to this site. I've had 3 seizures so far, my first one being 3 months. So far my MRI and EEG were normal, then I did a full telemetric study, I find out those results in 2 days when I see my neuro again. After my third seizure he put me on Epilim 800mg without actually properly diagnosing me with epilepsy.

I'm very curious as to whether it's possible that my seizures are psychogenic? I have been under a lot of stress/anxiety/depression for quite a long time, plus a "traumatic" childhood as they would call it. I actually had a few anxiety attacks lately. I have had 2-3 episodes which you might call auras, however something tells me they may also be episodes of depersonalisation. My reasons being...once I learned that these might be epileptic auras, they scared the CRAP out of me and so whenever I felt them coming, I actually diverted my attention away from make it stop. And I succeeded. I'm not sure if that's possible with real epileptic auras so I'm asking you guys. Also it's always the SAME feeling....a feeling of strangeness. The best way I can describe it is:

They always happen when I'm talking (well actually listening) to my mother speak. I'd be listening and then everything would change...rather my perception of it did. I can't SEE myself outside of my body, I kind of feel like I AM outside it...everything begins to look different...I know where I am, but I just see it differently? Kinda like when you stare at something for too long and then all of a sudden you get a whole new perspective on it.

Please, please I'd like to hear some of your experiences with auras! Have you been able to stop/control them? Or do they completely take you over?


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I can control mine by eliminating the trigger. Like sometimes the tv, or music, or my husband

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You "eliminated" your husband?? That's pretty extreme, lol!

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My aura's are a bit different than what I have been reading here. It's like a bunch of different pieces of memory come to mind and nothing fits together. I know what I want to say but it comes out wrong. I end up saying something that no one even knows why I said it. When I feel this coming on I try to keep my focus on the reality and most of the time can overcome it. I get very sleepy, headache and mean. After I wake up I am a bit confused for a while then nice again and myself.

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How is everybody? This is my first time to this site.  I too feel aura's everytime I'm goining to have a seziure and reality becomes distorted and confusing as you may know ther is no explaining the feeling. I think the worst part of it all is the feeling of not haveing control over your mind it's a bit scary. Iv'e probably had at least 20 seizures over the years, I was a crazy adolecent, lol! I'm going to share a secret, that has worked for me so many times "meditation" I promise you, if you can learn how to meditate everyday for at least 30min. to 1 hr or when an aura is on the verge. You will overcome must of them if not all of them. This does not mean to stop taking med's but it will strenghten your mind, were you have the ability to overcome it and not be a total slave to it (metaphoricaly speaking).

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I know that you wrote this awhile ago, but I just came across it and wanted to comment. What I go through some of the time reminds of what you are saying about your auras. For some reason around the time that I'm having a lot of simple partials I seem to have weird memories or have a weird feeling when I go somewhere that I'm not really familiar with I feel like it corresponds to some memory from my childhood that it can't possibly have anything to do with, like I'll be driving through a new city and it will remind me of a family christmas party. Anyway, it seems that the more I have these weirds memories the more likely I am to have a seizure, anyway, it's just weird.

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How interesting - what you said is similar to what I experience.  I was just telling someone the other day that I know when my cycle of partial seizures is coming.  It's like someone unplugs my usual 'memory drive", and plugs in a flash drive of memories that are mine but - at the same time - they aren't mine.  They are like memories that are familiar to me on some level, on a vividly emotional level, but at the same time they are not normal memories from my life and my experience.  Hard to explain.  But I know when that starts to happen that all hell is going to break loose just a few days later :)

Blessings to you!

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LOL! As funny as that sounds...It works for me too. Eliminating noise and light often halt the entire process. Not always but quite frequently. Problem is being able to do this when you're in public is almost impossible.

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Hi Jumpyjubbles,

Here's the address of a 1989 article in Epilepsia, 30(2):168-174 "Sensory Stimulation for
Inhibition of Epileptic Seizures" that I tried to exploit with similar techniques with
operant conditioning in finding a way to stop my initial partial seizures or an aura from

I still hope I stumble upon a way to preclude my small seizures from spreading one of these
days! At least Keppra has stopped them to just before secondary tonic-clonics.

I've had TLE all my life (56 yrs) and in the last couple decades it now goes into secondary
tonic-clonics without medication. The medication doesn't help with the partial seizures and
migraines much at all.

I can think about pleasant scenes from my life and to try to "talk myself out of a migraine" but
at best this seems to be a distraction from the pain and unusual sensations of a migraine, and
works no more often than mere coincidence at precluding an intense headache. Many "Painless"
migraines with aura can be confused with the aura of simple partial seizures. Some Anti-epileptic
Drugs (AEDs) can help with migraines, but some migraine medications can worsen seizures.

The warning aura of an intense clusters of seizures has given me many opportunities to try all
kinds of actions and techniques to stop the seizures (from meditation, Pavlovian and operant
conditioning, etc.) all to no avail so far. At best, I can minimize the discomfort and environmental
dangers during the seizures by early action. Right now, I'm trying minimal medication, ready
with a strong dose at an early warning.

From the medical textbooks I've studied, many neurologists view emotional placidity in tending to
reduce the likelihood of a seizure versus stress as aggravating a seizure as a weight in judging
the seizures to be nonepileptic events. Boredom seems to aggravate my migraines somewhat, but
my seizures cause my unusual "emotional" sensations; otherwise, my intellectual involvement and
emotional state is irrelevant to the likelihood of a seizure (for my secondary tonic-clonics that
hit with little warning, I was just as likely to be feeling happy as angry, as sad, as relaxed, as
frustrated, as pleased, etc.).

My epileptic seizures have taught me that they have priority over every notion of will-power and free
will/responsibility. Most all epileptic seizure types also take priority over aversive conditioning,
Pavlovian conditioning, and operant conditioning. Only triggered seizures can be avoided by control of
the environment, and then that is for "specific reflex" triggered seizures, with "nonspecific" (stress,
lack of sleep, etc.) triggered seizures being only "moderated" with control of the environment (to me,
the notion of the environment, illnesses, lack of sleep, drugs, etc. "lowering the seizure thresholds"
is a more understandable explanation).

The sensations during an aura can be just about every kind, with each individual person usually
experiencing their own individual and fairly stable pattern of aura. A very long video that includes
discussion of many various aura of epilepsy (mainly temporal lobe epilepsy) is:

I hope this helps.


Can you pull yourself out of an aura when you feel it coming?

In my past experiences with seizures i have had aura's that last anywhere from 2-7 hours before an actual seizure occurs.   I have had times where I started to feel that wierd feeling come over me and I can immediately recognize and at that time I try to lay down and relax, often having my legs and my arms rubbed will also help me, i think that part is a circulation thing.  Often my auras feel the way you are describing yours, sometimes it feels like the people who are talking directly to me are so far off in the distant.   Stress is a known trigger for seizures, so you should try to practice eliminating as much stress out of your life as possible, i know easier said than done.  try to develop a consistent sleeping pattern, and I try to stay on a exercise routine that also helps with relieving my stress.I hope you dont have to deal with anymore aura's or seizures. 

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I've been having auras for 10 years now. As soon as they started I started
graphing them and realized they usually happen based on sleep deprivation, anxiety, stress, and hormones. Graphing it also has made me really proud. I used to have one a
day and since I can control them more often now it is usually about once every
40 days! :)

It used to happen when I was going to sleep but now that never does. It
happens when not focusing on something: listening to someone talk, sitting on a
bus and just looking out a window, eating by myself, etc. Because I can feel
them about to come -- my chest tightens, my heart beats faster, and I feel
terrified I always call friends or family telling them I feel auraish. It seems
like my mind is just like ok, fine, I won't give you an aura! Then I always
start to do something like playing a game on my computer or talking on
facebook. I find if I am focusing on something my brain is just too occupied to
give me an aura. Finally, if I get the feeling of a really bad aura and I still
have the strength to get some meds, taking ativan always helps. 

When it does happen I too get frustrated as hell when I can't see anything
but the back of my head is still thinking why does this happen to me?! Why
won't it stop?! If it does happen I find mine only lasts about 1 minute if
friends or family are there to help. I always advocate for myself saying if I
have an aura please rub my arm and say "its ok, its ok." Once again,
if my brain is focusing on someone saying that, and touching a part of me I
think it makes my head occupied with that the aura goes away a lot faster!

Can you pull yourself out of an aura when you feel it coming?

Please read my story and maybe it will help answer your question a little:


Can you pull yourself out of an aura when you feel it coming?

Very interesting story Leo, I am so glad you are doing better, and I am glad God has made the difference in my life.   I too am now a strong believer that prayer and doing God's will is making a huge difference in my life.   I have been seizure free now since november 2010, and I have been praying and going to church and believing that God will help me to stay seizure free.  I do every now and again have those funny feelings that make you nervous because they are feelings and slight muscle spasms you remember having before the start of a full blown grand mal seizure, but when that happens I start praying alot more than usual and it helps and also helps me to keep my focus on God more often.  Sometimes I feel the way you were speaking about, that those little reminders come to make me realize that without God I cant get through this.  Thank you for sharing your story!!!

Can you pull yourself out of an aura when you feel it coming?

Leo. I have auras right before I have a grand mal seizure. I've never heard about being able to control them. My auras i have no control over. my auras are not easy to explain all I can say is I get weird feelings in my stomach.

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I know this sounds cheesy but i know exactly where you are coming from.  I have seizures with auras immedietly preceding them, for me it helps to have physical contact with someone (have someone grab my arm or something like that)  but  sometimes if no one is around i can pull myself out of them. 

I am also not able to discribe my auras to anyone.  they ask for what it feels like and i am at a loss for words, there is nothing that can discribe them, but as soon as you get them you know immedietly what it is.  Sorry i couldn't be more help.  Good luck

Hallie K.

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Pull myself out of an aura/partial seizure? - no. Can I prevent it from becoming a worse seizure? - if I move a certain way or breathe extra deeply and try to picture myself just lying calmly on the beach, SOMETIMES (about 25% of the time) I can prevent it from reaching "stage 2", but not consistently enough for my liking :p

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I have grand mal siezures, and auras normally come on about 2-3 mins before the siezure occurs. For the lasat 2 siezures i have been able to pull myself out of the full convulsive/conciousness loss stage but i cant seem to stop my legs from shaking and my head from shaking. Ive always found that if i have an icepack on my head or on the back of my neck really helps calm me down. On another note, epilepsy and seizures are depressing, thats just the reality. But the way you relate to that fact is what will eventually help you to help yourself come out of the siezure or aura state... Thats just been my experience. I cant seem to stop them yet, but i hold out hope that it is possible for everyone.
Hope this helps, and good luck

Remember that the universe is always on your side and is there to help you if you need it.


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I cant seem to all the time. I have

petite mal seizures, when I feel an aura I take (If I have the time) Lorazepam and it has a good chance to make the aura stop! I seem to have more seizures when it is hot or bright lights hit me. I seem to do best in cool, dark environments. I just hate to feel it coming when in big public places.

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i know exactly what you mean, when i am at home or even better in my quiet bedroom i feel much safer and when I do have a aura/seizure it is much less painful and more relaxed because I am in a quiet place with as little people as possible
by the way what are your seizures caused by

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samantha mullen

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