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Book for Children with absence seizures

Hi everyone, I am a mum of a little girl with absence seizures.

I have written a book and have self published it which I would like to draw your attention to in the hope that it might benefit you and your child.  'Sarah Jayne has staring moments' tells my little girls story with absences and the difficulties she has faced.  I hope that my book will help parents explain to their children about AS but also empower the child to explain to others, like Sarah Jayne is able to in the book.  The book is beautiful illustrated and has had fantastic reviews from all around the world, like this one written recently on amazon:


last after a long time searching I finally found a book to help explain
in child terms about Epilepsy! Mostly every book I looked at always
explained about grand mal seizures and never Absence seizures but this
book explains it as a story and all about Sarah Jane who herself has
Absence seizures. My daughter really enjoyed this book and now calls
her seizures Sarah Jane moments! She also took the book into school to
share with her class which helped the class know what happens when she
has a staring moment. I can honestly not recommended this book enougth
for any parents who's child has absence seizures you will never find a
better book"

you can see the book here

Lille has been 6 months seizure free after having 150 seizures a day! so if you would like to contact me to ask what we have been doing or any advice message me on my facebook group


Really hope that our journey with AS can help benefit others in some small way. 

Kate and Lille


You saw a need and filled it . . . way to go!!  Lots of people talk about what needs to be done, but seldom take it upon themselves to actually do what needs to be done, especially when the benefit is not oneself but others.  Kudos to you!!

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