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So. I went to my appointment today, and they said I have Generalized Seizures, and ny doctor didn't want to call it Absence Seizures. He says it's Atypical, and that it's probably genetic, but one of my parents says that they don't know anyone in they family with Epilepsy. I'm starting Lamictal today. Does anyone know if Lamictal is a good option? Please share your feelings about Lamictal please. You don't have to, just wanted to keep the public, and silver of my friends updated on my current status.


For me, Lamictal has been a godsend.  I take 300 MG in the AM (because splitting it up between the AM and PM made me hyper crazy!) 

At its lowest dose, Lamictal is an anti-anxiety med.  At its next level, it's an anti-anxiety AND anti-seizure med.

I've had NO side effects or reactions.  And after 40+ years of epilepsy, I've kisssed a lot of frogs before I found my magic med mix.  (Lamictal and Klonopin.)

I only hope the Lamictal works as well for you as it has for me!  Good luck.   Phylis Feiner Johnson

What if I said....  I don't want it to work....

I'm Fourteen.


Here's info about the Social Security Child Disability Program (SSI)

Good luck...   Phylis Feiner Johnson


It will work a little or it won't work. Keep a written diary so you can slowly figure out what it does/doesn't do/possible side effects and so on. Best wishes.

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