am i having generalized seizure or simple partial or both??

please tell me, i was diagnosed with drop attack sz which mean generalized sz at the same time my seiz would start with feeling scared and not feeling ok then i see and feel every thing but some how i feel disconnected from people around my left hand shakes very badly i have strange feeling in my head then ilose comletely control on my muscles so i get down on the floor ,idont just drop and hurt my self[NO] i get down on the floor and lay until its over coz ialso feel that im faling inside my self and that my soul is going away and with all this i get avery fast strong heart beat my sz last 15 minutes and after that i feel as if ive beaten so hard now i want to know is it drop attack sz which mean complex generalized sz  allthough i dont drop down hurting my self or its simple partial sz