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Absence Seizures in a 2.5 year old

our 2.5 year old daughter was diagnosed a few weeks back with absence seizures. We saw episodes as early as before ber second birthday. she started on Ethosuximide, it seemed to work great and then the seizures were back with a back. the doc upped her dosage and it only resulted in her being too drowsy to function. so we are down on the ethosuximide and weaning her off it while starting lamotrigin. anyone had experience with these drugs so early on? she is just 2.5 and am hoping there are really stories out there of kids growing out of it. am very worried her seizures will come back after a bit. any experience with these drugs in a kid so young really appreciated. or if you chose not to medicate at that age, would love to hear your perspectives too.


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