"Absence" or "complex partial" seizure's?

Hi, I have had epilepsy for 5 month's(still not controlled). I was diagnosed with "Absence", but i am doubting the doc's diagnosis now, because i have about 7/10 "Absence" symptom's. With the "complex partial" I have around 11/12. Also for the med's i am currently on 50mg Lamictal, and 1,000 keppra in the morning, then another 1,500mg of keppra at night. my symptom's are: dizzy, trouble concentrating(Bad), staring spell's(5-15 minute's) rare occasion is up to 30 minute's!!!!!!, loss of balance, not dreaming, comprehension is totally gone half the time, pupil's are HUGE, alway's tired. please help..?


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Re: "Absence" or "complex partial" seizure's?

Aric, I found out a few years ago that it is possible for someone to have absence seizures and complex partial seizures. It's just both of these different types of seizures cannot occur at the exact same time. Some of the differences between these 2 types of seizures is the...

Absence seizure activity takes place in both the left and right hemispheres, and there is no warning before the seizure, and no (what's called) "Postictal confusion" after an absence seizure has taken place.

Complex partial seizure activity takes place in either the left hemisphere -or- the right hemisphere, and there is a possibility of the person detecting something unusual at the start of the seizure, and (what's called) "Postictal confusion" after the seizure has occurred.

I noticed in your profile that you're located in Texas. I live just south of Austin. Where in Texas are you located? And something I found out about just last week, is the American Epilepsy Society's 64th Annual Meeting is schedule to take place in San Antonio, TX, December 3-7, 2010. Here's a link to one website, that should be continously updated, about this upcoming Annual Meeting. http://www.aesnet.org/go/meetings-and-events/annual-meeting

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Re: "Absence" or "complex partial" seizure's?

I live in Del Rio, yes i know, Del rio suck's :P, well, yeah thank's for giving me your thought's. That convention thing sound's interesting. I might go :D!