6 year old son, sleep study diagnosed epilepsy but neuro disagrees - help!

Hi!  I am new to this site and am looking for advice.  Here is my story...

My husband has epilepsy, grand mal seizures.  In Oct, our 6 yo son started having what we thought were night terrors.  They began during an illness and he had a high fever at the time. Once he was well, the episodes never went away.  He is an extremely mild mannered child and was having violent outbursts at night.  He sits up, screams, repeats the same phrase, sometimes gets out of bed and runs.  It was all so scary.  We dealt with it for about a month and then look him to our pediatrician.  She immediately said it sounded like seizure activity and ordered an MRI and EEG.  Both were normal.  (My husband has been epileptic since childhood and never had an abnormal EEG.)  We saw a peds neuro who ordered a sleep study.  The sleep study has a diagnosis of "unspecified epilepsy without intractable epilepsy".  He also had episodes of central apnea.  His EEG during the study was "atypical features suspicious for epileptic form activity".  After the sleep study our neuro ordered a 24 hour EEG which was normal.  At our follow up appt, neuro said all those findings were "normal" and he is convinced my son is experiencing run of the mill night terrors.  He said we should medicate him with Klonopin for 2 months and then follow up.  I am not satisfied with that!  Can a normal, healthy child have epileptic activity?  Just this week my son's teacher contacted us to say that she is concerned because his handwriting at times has become illegible.  She said she notices him struggling to write for periods of time.  We just made a second opinion appt but it is a month away.  Any suggestions, opinions, anything??  Thank you!!