20 month old just started on Keppra

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 About 3 months ago my 20 month old started having seizure like motions.  Once when she was sitting on me, her eyes rolled to the back of her head for about 10 seconds.  Then when she was eating in her high chair, her left eye moved left to right for about 10-15 seconds.  She also has a good bit of absence seizures. 

 We went to the neuro and had an eeg done. It came back normal.  The neuro said that if she has another one to call.  When she was at school her Early Intervention speech teacher came to see her.   She had another absence seizure with her.  So I called the neuro.  He called her in a prescription for Keppra.  She is suppose to take 1ML twice a day.

I have read up on Keppra and to tell you the truth, I am kinda scared of it.  Has anyone with an infant or toddler been prescribed Keppra?  Where there a lot of the side effects that it says?  How has your child reacted with the Keppra?



Re: 20 month old just started on Keppra

I can completely understand your fear about Keppra. My 8 year old son was diagnose with seizure early this year and that was the medication that was prescribed to him. The seizures were worse, migraine type headaches and drowsy. I personally took him off of it. But I DO NOT recommend that at all. What I did worked out for me, but everyone is different. I did replace his medication with 4Life Transfer Factor ReCall, a natural supplement, He is 100% seizure free since then. If you would like more information about this supplement, contact me at ct.my4life@gmail.com

Re: 20 month old just started on Keppra

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My now 11 month old son is on Keppra, and has been for almost 4 months now. He was diagnosed with epilepsy at 3 months old (infantile spasms, generalized), and his status became intractable. We tried pretty much everything without luck. He just had a left hemispherectomy on November 23 at UCLA, and is now doing great. He is still on Keppra and Topamax because this is what he was taking prior to surgery, and it is common to keep people on the same meds after surgery for a little while. Anyways, Keppra has never had any side effects whatsoever for him, and of course, no affect at all stopping his seizures! It was the surgery that did this. Keppra has always been described by neurologists to us as a very low risk side effect medication, and overall safe. You can visit his website at www.evanstauff.com to learn more about him. We are hoping to bring more awareness about the signs of infant seizures. Let me know if you have any questions about Evan.

 David (Evan's dad)

Re: 20 month old just started on Keppra

I have been on Keppra XR for over a year now, while I am not seizure free it has made a huge difference. It keeps my blood levels even for a long period of time. I have little side effects from it also. While I am an adult I would expect the same results with and infant. I wish you luck, I was a teenager when I had my first seizure I couldn't imagine how hard it must be for you.