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2 year old hates taking med - Ideas??


Hi my daughter is two and has grand mal seizures, we are on our third med now. We started with Lamictal and had serious side effects, now we are weening off of Keppra - generic and switching to phenobarbital. She takes liquid meds great including tylenol, motrin, Keppra, etc..  But she hates her phenobarbital. We beg, plead, demand, punish, mixed with juice, and tonight even tried to force her to swallow it. This isn't working and we are out of options. Does anyone have any ideas that have worked with your kids. We would love any help available. Thanks Blaine.   


When my daughter was two and on liquid trileptal we flavored it with snow cone syrup. We took her to the store and let her pick out her own flavor. It ended the medicine fight.  We had to flavor each dose as we were giving it to her so that the syrup didn't ruin the medicine. It worked great until she was old enough to swallow pills.

When I started to take my first type of medication, I didn't like the taste even though my parents did everything they could to make me take them... nothing seemed to work so I tried putting the tablet in some soft chocolate like those Aeros since then I've put on Lamictal and I still use that same method, so try that with your daughter's phenobarbital, I know it sounds crazy but it works for me when I take my Lamictal.

 Good luck with everything and let us know how she's doing

Try smushing some bread around it, that's the easiest way for me to take some of the horsepills i've had in the past.  Don't have her chew in it, but it will make the taste significantly better.  That or something else soft+squishy you can put it in, maybe a soft candy?

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