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Topic: Living With Epilepsy - Adults

Created By: tinyfly | 2007-07-11 02:38 | 3 Comments

Hello again,
i was wondering if there is anyone else who has heard of taurine supplements?! I'm a female adult who has been living with epilepsy since I was 10, now 23 and I've been a...

Created By: pgd | 2007-07-10 00:51 | 1 Comment

Central Auditory Processing Disorder (CAPD) - Anyone relate to it?


Created By: kevinmo99 | 2007-07-09 19:09 | 2 Comments

i have applied for over 60 jobs in the last month no luck finding a job. any ideas on getting help in philadelphia,pa . hanging by a thread need support.

Created By: short circut | 2007-07-08 21:29 | 5 Comments

I see people are talking about whether someone should disclose the fact they have epilepsy when applying for a job. If you Google "epilepsy rights" you can find interesting information about what...

Created By: GodivaGirl | 2007-07-08 11:49 | 28 Comments

I'm sorta at a loss for what to do. I've been unemployed and on Canadian EI (assistance) since December '06. That runs out in February '08. Thing is, I have a university education & 9 years...

Created By: stephsobota | 2007-07-08 11:41 | 4 Comments

I’ve been searching like mad for folks have E and still teach, but I can’t find any lesson ideas to keep on hand in case the Э rears its ugly head during class.

I’ve been having...

Created By: banffgirl | 2007-07-07 22:18 | 6 Comments

i am so depressed and tired of it all. why God, why me? i cant drive, cant ride my bike, my hubby is scared for me to walk by myself. people are scared to go anywhere with me me cuz i might have a...

Created By: SoccerGal | 2007-07-07 22:00 | 1 Comment

Does anyone know of any local support groups? I know that a lot of churches hold meetings for support group. Does anyone know where I might can find information?



Created By: edrawl | 2007-07-07 12:35 | 1 Comment

I've been diagnosed with Temporal Lobe Seizures and usually it manifests itself with the intense deja vu and passing out for a couple of seconds.
Just this morning however, I had a full body...

Created By: kevinmo99 | 2007-07-06 20:47 | 0 Comments

I am worn out by depression amd lack of being able to find a job in philadelphia,pa . I have worked as a tape operator and print room operator but that field is drying up . Nothing seems to be...

Created By: ConniceB | 2007-07-06 14:14 | 4 Comments

I'm One of those lucky enough to have Epilepsy controlled by my Medication. What I'm not so good at is talking well with other I don't engage well with others I guess It can come across as...

Created By: Howard Rubenstein | 2007-07-03 23:40 | 6 Comments

Does anyone have problems with Lamictal? I find myself getting double vision and so dizzy that I have to lay down where ever I'm at. It seems to be worse then some of my seizures.

Created By: crashy | 2007-07-03 20:53 | 0 Comments

In the nights following a grand-mal, I have very repetitive dreams. To put it in movie terms, I dont watch the whole movie from beginning to end, night after night. Instead, I take one scene and...

Created By: Pam1970 | 2007-07-03 08:37 | 4 Comments

Hi, I am new here and am looking for advice. I had been seizure free for 16 years until last Thursday. My doctor had told me a couple of years ago that I was not taking enough Dilantin to make a...

Created By: wldhrt13 | 2007-07-02 20:50 | 1 Comment

just before waking up sometimes, I hear a scream in my head.

anyone know if this could be related to a seizure? could it be me? or just a bad dream.

Created By: jsustik | 2007-07-02 18:02 | 0 Comments

I have been having the hardest time with sleeping for over 4 years now.Falling asleep and staying asleep.It makes it really hard to function normally.I watch what I eat and get plenty of...

Created By: lilcrumb3 | 2007-07-02 13:55 | 7 Comments

I've been eating bread for sometime and it doesn't seem to affect me. Is it ok for epileptics to be eating bread?

Created By: short circut | 2007-07-02 05:45 | 4 Comments

Does anyone have their pupils dialted after a seizure? If yes what kind of seizure do you have. I was told mine aren't typically the type where this happens. I'm wondering if something else...

Created By: shelly maire | 2007-07-02 04:41 | 2 Comments

Hi Everyone just took a few minutes to say hi and update everyone on what is taking place here. Well since I last wrote things have changed a tad bit. LOL Don't they always. Well my sister hasn't...

Created By: elnelson | 2007-07-01 18:40 | 2 Comments

I & my wife, Millie, have been trying to gain information in Pseudo Seizures. It seems to be a forgotten type of Epilepsy.

I was diagnosed with "True" Epileptic Seizures when I was 3...