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Zeiss Cobalt Blue Tint

I am an Optometrist in St. Louis.  Recently one of my long time patients mentioned she experiences Photo Sensitive Seizures and wondered if a tinted lens would help.  After some research discovered information about the Zeiss Cobalt Blue Lens.  I was able to tint her Rigid Gas Permeable Contact Lenses with a near match.

She reported feeling woozy in Target, Walmart and the grocery store and could not stay long.  Sunlight flickering through winter trees and red stop lights at night were uncomfortable. 

She has been wearing these contact lenses now for 9 weeks and has not had any episodes.  A brief hint something was about to happen in the grocery store but did not materialize.  She said that before the contact lenses this same event would have lead to a seizure.  She is now able to stay longer in these same stores and complains she is spending too much money.

 I am very new to this topic and eager to learn as much as possible.

The advantage to the Rigid Contact Lens may be that it fully covers the pupil and does not allow any extraneous light to pass.

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Steven Cantrell, O.D.


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