xanax with tegretol xr

I was wondering if anyone else on this site has panic attacks and seizures in there life? my doctor just recently put me on xanax ( a very mild dose) and said it would not interfere with my tegretol xr. has anyone had any experience taking xanax with there seizure meds? is it going to be safe to take since I have a history of grand mal seizures and take tegretol xr to control them? my doc says its ok but everything i read on the internet about xanax is saying it is dangerous i dont know what to believe!


Re: xanax with tegretol xr

Hi there-

 I do not have panic attacks but I do suffer from anxiety, I take lexapro 5 mg and it seems to do the trick. I sometimes take a xanax (.5mg) as needed w/ my dilantin.  My neuro and pharmacist both agree it is fine, there is a a mild interaction between the two (the dilantin can make the xanax less affective) My advice would be to call your local Pharmacist! Be careful of what you read on the internet as everything is not true.