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The whole ALS thing has me feeling so betrayed by people I thought cared.

I don't really understand this. It started as a good thing, a few famous people doing something stupid to raise money for ALS. I thought it was cool.

But then I saw my friends and family doing it on Facebook. It turned into everyone I know doing it. The same people who know I have epilepsy and never did anything to help me or donate to my cause. Meanwhile I'm on a two month waiting list for a volunteer to mow my lawn. It took 10 minutes for it to be mowed yesterday, this person didn't care about making some stupid video and having the world see it. (I made a HUGE deal out of it, Tweeting the heck out of it. I since have left Facebook) Things have been worse for me lately, I have lost some more physical abilities and feel awful all of the time (just a phase my body goes thru). I'll get better.

But I hate this stupid ice bucket thing, I'm ready to cut ties with the majority of friends and family. I'm so hurt. And I'm usually very laid back about things. I'm not myself latey and I feel like I'm going insane. I don't know if it's this ice bucket thing or something deeper. But the bucket thing triggered it. Does anyone have any insight?


Dogferz- Diagnosed Generalized seizure disorder 2008, meds Klonopin, Topomax, Phenergan. No recent med changes.

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