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My wife has been having seizures for about 3 years now, labeled as 'absent seizures' diagnosed epilepsy of course, initially they presented themselves with hallucinations, crowds of non existent people in the room for example but there were many different examples, they changed in nature to a situation whereby for the outsider it looked like a computer screen 'freezing' then 2 - 3 minutes suddenly starting again from where it left off with no recall of the period in between, the scary thing with that is that she can be walking, climbing stairs, cooking or anything and she just continues to do it almost robotic oblivious to anything including pain and danger as an example she was chopping onions at the onset, just kept on chopping past the onion over fingers and onto hand, another walking on the beach, just kept walking into the ocean on and on, fortunately spotted by a friend to bought her to safety, now they (the seizures) have changed in nature once again she can now be in conversation and just between words go from making perfect sense to clear but unconnected words, rather like reading from a dictionary.

She remembers nothing of these but she gets very very angry just before and very tired following, her short to medium memory is greatly compromised although childhood memories are perfectly in tact but recent conversations or events often appear to her as never having taken place.

She is 56 years old and medicated.

The purpose of this (first) post is to try to see if anyone else knows of this situation ... I am at a bit of a loss, she refuses further medical intervention afraid I think of what they may find (altzhiemers, dementia etc)

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