What does "Significance III" mean on EEG?

Hi, I'm new to the board and just trying to figure out the whole seizure thing. In brief, I had seizures 13 yrs ago and was on meds for 3 yrs then weaned off. In Nov I had a seizure - drop to ground unconscious, loss of urine, no aura. I had several more in the next several days. The meds I'm on (Keppra and Lamical) are causing such horrible side effects (and my neuro is not listening to what I say) that I'm going to a new neuro next week. Just got copies of my test results and all my EEGs are abnormal and say, "Significance III'. It's clear from these reports that they thought I had a brain tumor but thank God I don't! Does anyone know what the significance thing means?Thanks!Maureen