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"weird" feelings- are they seizures?

i've had seizures in my sleep for about 5 years now and my doctor has me on lamictal. ive never had a seizure while ive been awake-only in my sleep! about a year and a half ago i started to have these strange feelings come over me and ive never been able to really describe them but i get a weird deja vu feeling and its like this heat wave comes across my body. it only lasts about a minute and i know who i am and where i am but i just feel kind of out of touch with reality for a mi ute. after it goes away, i usually feel super tired and kind of spacey the rest of the day. they seem to happen more and more. sometimes i go months without one and sometimes i will have 2 in one day :( they are starting to scare me! i just got diagnosed with an under active thyroid so im not sure if they would have anything to do with that or if they are in fact mini seizures! does anyone else have them? and do you think a dr would take your license away?

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