Weird compulsive behavior with CPS while aware.

I have had 3-5 Complex Partial Seizures every week for the last four months. I had an abnormal EEG and started Lamictal a month ago. I am pretty aware during the seizures. I have a lot of difficulty moving and speaking. Sometimes I'm completely frozen.
I sometimes have these weird compulsive behaviors before, during, or after the seizure. I will say a word or sentence or sound over and over again. Or I will nod a lot, bite the air, rock, figit with my hand...etc. I know this is common for people with CPS, but I've never heard of someone being aware of it happening. I am aware of what I'm doing, but very compelled to do these things around a seizure episode. Sometimes I do this and just feel tired afterwards, without a seizure.

I was wondering if anyone else has had an experience like this. I feel uncertain that this is based on something going on in my brain or if is psychological. I've been under a lot of stress and anxiety lately, so I can't discount the possibilty that this compulsive behavior is in my head (figuratively). I just really want to know.

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Re: Weird compulsive behavior with CPS while aware.

I do not do that, but I am very much aware of my generalized seizures happening. I see everyone and understand what they are saying. But I do believe there is a very short time that I black out for just seconds. It is possible you may not be aware for a very short time too.

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Thanks for your reply Lisa.

Thanks for your reply Lisa. Have you heard of anyone with compulsive behavior during a seizure where they are aware? To me, it sounds more like Simple Partial Seizures, but my neurologist seems confident that they are Complex Partials Seizures.

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