Weaning Off of a medication

Hi everyone. So im new to this site and i think this site is a blessing. So i am on

1000 mg Tegretol XR, 200 mg Lamictal a.m

800 mg Tegretol, 200 mg. Lamictal. p.m

It's a total of 2200 mg a day. So i went to a new neurologist in Boston, and he is weaning me off of Tegretol, because he was telling me that the Tegretol was aggrivating the Lamictal. But it's such a high dosage of Tegretol, im terrified of the side affects of coming off of it. I havent felt dizzy yet. But i know it's gonna come soon. I wanna know what i can do when i start to get hit with the side affects. My doctor told me that it would be Shaking, Jerks of my arms and legs, insomnia, drosyness. By the end of this month i will be completely off of Tegretol. I go back to my doctor on October 16, and he might actually prescribe me on Topamax. I can use the support, because i know no one that knows how i feel