VNS discomfort

Hi i am 43 yrs old and dignosed with epilepsy fifteen years ago...I have been taking lamictal 1000mg daily and it was all i could do to even function (get out of bed) 7months ago my doctor pushed....I say pushed because she described vns surgery as miracle and everything happened within a week of even hearing about vns....i have several issues with it...the scarring and being able to see the generator while looking in the mirror  My settings are every 3minutes for a minute and its still after 7months hard to breathe and talk during that minute.  Now i am experiencing pain on the lead line   feels like its pulling or tight   hurts to turn head and my neck is killing me...has anyone else experienced this after several months  ??  I have appointment next week with the surgereon who installed it because of this pain in and on the lead line...I strongly recommend thinking about this procedure long and hard before getting this installed....i am too scared to get it turned off now cause im afraid my seizures will be worse    please think before getting this....i regret it very much