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Trying to get off disablity

I have been seizure free now for 10 months.  This is huge.  After having seizures for over ten years I am thrilled.  I had brain surgery, three in fact.  I believe I am now healthy enough to return to society.  There is a chance I can still seize, I will always be fearful.  I am bored and lonely.  I need interaction with people.  The social security office said they would be glad to help me find a job but before they place me i need to show I can work by volunteering for a month.  Easy right?  No.  I have a bachelors degree and no one will allow me to even donate my time because they are afraid of liability.  How am I supposed to get back into the world.  This system has kept me secluded even more than I already was.  

Any suggestions.


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