Trying Aptiom Medicine

Hello everyone,

I have epilepsy, I had my first seizure 11 years ago on this day Sept 2.  I don't remember it but my wife remembers everything, I suffered memory lose.  I still struggle with my memory now, but I'm still able to work and support my family.  My wife helps me a lot with memory issues.   I haven't had a seizure in 2 years now.  I'm taking Keppra 750mg twice a day.  But my main reason for posting is for my Dad.  He now has seizure brought own by having a stroke.  So far He has tried a lot of the medicines that I was once on.  He even tried Keppra at a lower dose than myself but could not handle it.  So the doctor is wanting to try him on Aptiom.  Has anyone here tried it or is anyone currently on this med.  If so what advice could you give concerning this medicine.