TOPAMAX - Side Effects - Taste Perversion (Soda/Soft Drinks) TRY THIS TRICK !!!

Having just turned 40 and recently been diagnosed with TLE seizures both Simple and Complex Partial.  I was started on Topamax which seemed like a good choice since I have also suffered with migraines for many years.  It has only been 6 weeks since I started and I am currently up to 87.5 mg daily (my Dr is having me increase by 12.5 mg each week to avoid too many side effect since I am extremely sensitive to meds) so I am not getting much help as far as the seizures yet.  As soon as I started taking the Topamax though I getting the dreaded side effect I read about regarding the soda/soft drinks tasting terrible.  Well, I have to tell you, I love my Pepsi.  I drink water and juice, but I MUST have my Pepsi and my this was truly tragic. they say, where there is a will.......there's a way!    So here is a trick that you can try if you miss your soda.  First, make sure it's really cold and don't add ice cubes.  Second, use a straw, but make sure you put it in the middle of your mouth and push it against the roof of your mouth when you suck.   If you take a drink with the straw in the front of your mouth or you drink from the glass/bottle/can without the straw, I'm sure the soda will tast completely flat.  But when you put the straw in the middle of you mouth, it seems to work.   I don't really know why, all I can guess is that it probably has something to do with the fact that we have different taste buds on different parts of our tongues and not all of them are effected.  I am hoping it still works for me as my dosage goes higher.  I hope this helps someone else who just wants to have one more piece of their life back to normal.


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You really gave me a good laugh.

The desperation we will go to to give our lives some normalicy. I've been on Topomax for about 6 months and really miss my coke especially in social situations. I think I'll have to give this one a try. But can you really taste anything at all drinking this way??

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I started Topamax less than 3 weeks ago but I gave up soda because I am at risk of getting diabetes and no way in hell will I drink that diet crap. I gave up soda before taking the medication. I had a coke a few days ago and it tasted flat. At fist I thought it was because I didn't have one in a while but then I felt the fizz as the drink went down my throat. So, it's so completely flat and now I guess I know it's because of the topamax.

Thanks for the post. I never heard of this side effect.

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My dr. told me that it was a possible side effect of Topamax.  I didn't believe that anything could ever stand in the way of me and my sodas.  They were awful.. kind of a metalic taste on the back of my tongue.  I just stopped drinking them and was amazed at how much weight I lost!!

I am not taking Topamax anymore but, to this day, I still cannot drink a COKE!  Blekh!!

But I love me some Dr. Pepper!!  :o)

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I took it and I tried to kill myself after 5 weeks of taking it. I worked better on trileptal.

I take it for mental illness.

im not positive if it was the topamax or the wellbutrin, sleeping
pills or the the xanax that actually caused the severe paranoia and
suicidal thoughts... but once i stopped taking it I felt much better in the mean time i started to take Strawberry Daiquiri made with Vodka

I Want to start this one again! after reading the tips