Tonic Clonic seizures for 5 weeks straight

On February 2014, my daughter (15 yrs) had her first Tonic Clonic Seizure. At the ER, the doctor said everyone is allowed one seizure in their life. Two weeks later she had another TC on the couch while falling asleep. We called an ambulance and was rushed to the ER. The doctors did nothing...Exactly a week later she had a TC in school. She was then hospitalized for three days hooked up to an EEG. That same day, she had a TC seizure. The next day the Neuro came in and said she has right frontal lobe partial seizures. They gave her 500mg Keppra 2x a day. Exactly a week later she has another TC seizure. They upped her Keppra dose to 500mg in the morning and 750mg at night. Exactly a week later she has two TC seizures 6 hrs apart. They upped her Keppra to 750mg both morning and night. Exactly a week later, she has 2 more TC seizure. They up her Keppra again to 750mg mornings, 1125mg at night. EXACTLY a week later she has 2 more TC guessed right...up her dosage to 1125mg morning and night. I am writing to you all because EXACTLY a week later, today, she had a really bad TC that lasted over 4 minutes. Obviously the medication is not working and I will be calling her Epileptologist tomorrow. We are lost on what to do. My daughter has lost faith in the medication and feels that there is no cure. Can anyone please tell us what other options we have. Is this normal? A seizure Exactly one week later for five weeks straight? I cannot function whenever she has a seizure. I am seeing a counselor because I see her having seizures everytime I close my eyes. I am a US Soldier and I have seen much more horrible things in combat but nothing affects me more than my child going through this. My family does not leave the house anymore for fear of this crippling disease. We give her B complex vitamins, regular vitamins, Magnesium 250mg every other day, Omega 3 and we eat very healthy...What more do we need to do? Every time we ask the Epileptologist about stuff we read on the internet that may help, he just shrugs his shoulders and says that there is no scientific proof. Your advice is most greatly appreciated! Thank You!